LHBT’s new ESG Policy

We are delighted to introduce our ESG policy, demonstrating LHBT’s commitment to ensuring our activities put Environmental, Social and Governance considerations at the forefront of our work.

The Trust’s guiding principles are to provide deep and lasting positive social impact and sustainability is at the core of the heritage work we do. Now, more than ever, we recognise the critical part which re-use and re-purposing of historic buildings has to play in a sustainable future. 

Our ESG policy clearly sets out the ways in which the LHBT will develop positive environmental and social strategies on each project and, how we as an organisation, operate with transparency and integrity.

We recognise that these are evolving issues and we are committed to continual learning and measurement of our progress to ensure our policy is fit for purpose and aligned with best practice and relevant regulation.


Helen Shellabear

Helen Shellabear is a Chartered Surveyor who, in her main role, specialises in the asset management of office and industrial assets in the South East of England. Helen has a longstanding interest in heritage having studied History and the Conservation of Historic Buildings at university. She volunteers for LHBT providing guidance and advice to the board and Buildings Committee; most recently drafting the ESG policy and inputting into the integration with the impact measurement framework. Helen is a strong advocate for sustainability and recently completed Imperial Business School’s course on Sustainability in Business and the Better Building Partnerships ESG for Real Estate Professionals.


Image: from our Charity School, Edmonton Open Day, with volunteers from Learning for Life Charity giving guided tours of the site. 

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